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Flyers are one of the most cost-effective marketing tools available. Flyers are similar to leaflets, just printed on thicker paper! Our extensive range of flyers include various finishes and thickness. In addition we offer flyers printed single or double-sided, folded or flat, flyers printed in rich, full color get noticed! There’s no substitute for the impact of full color printing, and impact is what gets you noticed. That’s why we have people dedicated to working with you to guarantee your flyer gets printed beautifully. Flyers can be a key tool in your marketing strategy. Our design and production experts provide a wide range of choices for printing flyers, all designed to increase your sales.
Flyers can be printed in four color on the font, and the back can be either blank, black or full color. We have many customizable folding options. Just let us know what you would like to see along with your printing quote request Contact us a call and speak to one of our experienced and dedicated experts about creating a high-quality, full color flyer that gets you noticed and allows you to focus on running your business.

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If you are struggling to find something to suit your requirements, or have an idea but need some assistance from professional printers, please contact us by phone or email and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.
Guru Graphics are extremely proud to offer efficient, affordable and high quality printing services. Our flyer printing services are also tailored with flexibility in mind and you can choose a wide variety of sizes and quantities to suit your needs. Our cheap printing services use modern technology meaning that your flyers are of premium quality.
We offer a complete design service if you don’t know where to start! We can design your flyer from scratch – or tweak an existing design – to create something truly special and personalised for your business. We understand good design principles, and have extensive pre-press knowledge. But more importantly, we create designs that function the way you need them to – helping you grow your business!
We’ll be happy to discuss your exact requirements, offer helpful guidance and provide a quick, no fuss quote. Our aim is to provide a one stop affordable printing service for cheap flyers. We look forward to helping your business grow.
Custom design is very affordable – Contact us and let us quote your project today.

Brochure Flyer
Most Popular DL size flyer – Leaflet – Pamphlets !
DL size stock will be used for envelopes, brochures, flyers, leaflets, cards and invitations. DL size to be 100mm × 210mm, which is also exactly a third the size of an A4.
Paper Size
4A0 = 1682 mm x 2378 mm
2A0 = 1189 mm x 1682 mm
A0 = 841 mm x 1189 mm
A1 = 594 mm x 841 mm
A2 = 420 mm x 594 mm
A3 = 297 mm x 420 mm
A5 = 148 mm x 210 mm
A6 = 105 mm x 148 mm
A7 = 74 mm x 105 mm
A8 = 52 mm x 74 mm
A9 = 37 mm x 52 mm
A10 = 26 mm x 37 mm

A glossy brochure could be just what you need!
Brochures are also known as pamphlets and are more expensive to print. A brochure is generally a standard-size sheet of paper that has been folded lengthwise two times to create four panels (bi-fold) or folded three times to create six panels (tri-fold).
For most companies a brochure is the first step to introducing your company and services to potential customers
Brochures are opposite of flyers in the throw-away category: they’re created especially to be kept and referred to again and again. The traditional tri-fold design is among the most famous but today we have many variation layouts that can be used. They’re handed out at the end of sales presentations, as take-away information at trade shows and they’re displayed in racks at banks, doctors’ offices and cash registers.
It’s expected that only people that are interested in learning more about a product will pick up a brochure.
We can design & print brochures in a variety of sizes!
Brochure printing is available in sizes A2, A3, A4, A5 or DL in full colour, and may be single or double sided.